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Elizabeth Martin Shares Her Thoughts On Willow Oaks Plantation

July 21, 2011

When did you first find out about the Willow Oaks Plantation and when did you first visit?

One of my parents’ friends told us that Willow Oaks Plantation was going to open for weddings.  The past owners live on my street so I always knew about it.  I first visited when the Brides on Tour group was there.

What was your first impression?

Everything was so nice and had that extra special southern touch that my fiance and I like.

Is there one specific thing that inspired you to make the decision that this was the perfect place for your wedding?

Hank and I love a place that has a story.  It had the perfect southern charm and the elegance that we were looking for.  When we first drove up we thought to ourselves, “we would love to live here!”  Since we can’t, we thought “Let’s have a party instead!”

What is your “dream” wedding and how do you plan to play that out at WOP?

I want a wonderful summer evening with good food, dancing and great fun.  WOP is the place that fits us and our friends and families.  We are private people and want to share our day with our closest family and friends.  WOP will give us their full attention on that day.  I like that you only have one event at a time.  It makes the couple feel like you are there to make their day special!

Is there any advice you would give a future bride about planning her wedding and specifically finding a venue for her wedding?

You have to be comfortable with the venue that you choose.  If not, you will not be able to enjoy yourself.  Have FUN!

Elizabeth Martin and Hank Gates wedding date is Saturday, July 30th, 2011.  Photo courtesy of McDorman Photography.

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